The site concerns the corruption and lack of accountability which exists within the British signals intelligence agency GCHQ, other agencies and the civil service more generally. Jock Kane, a former radio operator at the agency raised the issue of corruption within GCHQ in the 1970s. His allegations were investigated by the journalist Duncan Campbell and eventually a senior civil servant, Sir James Waddell was appointed by the then Prime Minister James Callaghan to investigate the matter. His experience is outlined in the following video

When an organization has no oversight, it is inevitable that excessive secrecy and extensive powers as is the case with GCHQ, corruption will flourish. In this respect, it is telling that whilst I have been creating this blog, I have been subject to Denial of Service attacks.

The harassment which I experienced began whilst I was at Saint Catharine’s College, Cambridge under the auspices of GCHQ and other agencies. The college I should state is a place where individuals are awarded places in the hope or expectation that they will work for the intelligence services.

I may at some point upload the full account of the harassment which I have experienced at the hands of British intelligence but some details are available here.

A brief summary of who ordered the harassment is available here and I would encourage you to read it. In short it occurred thanks to someone from the college, Simon Shercliff who is now the Director of national security at the foreign office but who when it began was the head of counter-terrorism. His current role was at that time filled by Sir  Laurie Bristow who hails from Trinity college and who is currently the British ambassador to Russia. Sir Laurie’s successor was Johnathon Allen who hails from St Catharine’s College and is currently the UK ambassador to the UN

This will have been sanctioned or ordered by the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude who like the then permanent secretary at the FCO, Sir Simon Fraser, hailed from Corpus and continued with his successor in the role, Matthew Hancock, Ben Gummer, Damien Green and David Liddington.

There will be those of course who will form their conclusions on the basis of incomplete evidence. It should be stated that such cognitive biases can be said to be indicative of mental illness.