Chapter VIII: The third phase of the harassment

1 Birmingham and then London

Eventually because the then senior tutor, Dr Paul Hartle, turned a blind eye to obvious harassment on the part of Kang Tchou and the college in general, I left the college and went to Birmingham. There I attempted to complete my work but things followed the same pattern as at Pembroke in that I uncovered a drug dealer on a social network, and the authorities dealt with things in much the same manner. I say much the same which isn’t entirely true in that they dealt with things in a much worse manner in this instance.

Shortly after uncovering the drug dealer, I informed the police, whereupon within a short space of time, I was poisoned. It was either in relation to

  1. The fact that there was a wish to stop me meeting someone in London to discuss my work, given previous instances whereby I would be poisoned after attempting to
    1. Proceed with my work.
    2. Interest either an academic or businessperson in my work.
  2. The fact that this wasn’t well regarded by the authorities. As Julia Peterson who was the person who would attempt to recruit me to SIS would relate (but not on audio), the intelligence services use drug dealers and indeed the distribution of drugs to control the population. They also view drugs dealers and what they do as a weapon which forms part of the third direction. It would be quite possible to stop the illegal distribution of drugs as they do in Japan, Sweden and other places but ultimately they choose not to. It is ultimately a choice to allow the distribution and sale of drugs and the state chooses to allow the distribution and sale of drugs because they approve of it. This is indicated by
    1. Their reaction to my discovery of trilateration which they used as a pretext for the harassment.
    2. The lengths to which they went to defend Michael’s actions with respect to drug dealings and the culture of the college with respect to drink and drugs.
    3. The way in which they dismissed and leaked my discovery which would have allowed them to track drug dealers and to penetrate drug distribution networks.
    4. Statements on the part of Kang Tchou (and indeed others within the college) that drugs were OK.
    5. The fact that I was detained by the intelligence services when I reported what had happened and was not tested.
    6. The reaction on the part of members of the hospital staff at St Thomas Hospital in particular the doctor who initially saw me and who was a graduate of Queens college Cambridge.

I traveled down to London in an increasingly ill state and eventually ended up at St Thomas accident and emergency. It is perhaps also worth noting with respect to what happened that the permanent secretary of the department of health at the time of my admission to the college, Sir Hugh Taylor who was involved in the decision to authorise the experiments was and is still the president of that hospital and is a member of Emmanuel college.

I was eventually seen by a doctor who was from Queens College Cambridge which is, for what its worth, the same college as Sir Richard Dearlove. He was arrogant and dismissive about my physical condition, said I hadn’t be poisoned or harassed by a drug dealer, refused to test me for the former and stated that he would refuse to listen to my evidence in relation to the later. He refused to treat me as well apart from a modicum of treatment which was bound to be ineffective.

I subsequently was asked to leave in the morning because there was apparently “nothing wrong”. Not unexpectedly, I returned to St Thomas hospital even more ill later that day, whereupon I saw another doctor and collapsed. I was at this point, albeit initially rather grudgingly, admitted to the high dependency unit. I had a heart rate of between 120-150, a very high temperature, was dehydrated and was drifting in and out of consciousness.

My bed in the HDU was situated opposite the houses of parliament.

The doctors did every sort of test and nearly ended up doing a lumbar puncture but refused to carry out the obvious one which was to see whether I had been poisoned as part of which they would examine the contents of my stomach and do appropriate tests. The fact that I had ingested something poisonous was obvious in that, when I managed to pass whatever it was through my system, the symptoms immediately cleared up and did not do so before this point

During this period I spoke to Doctor Oliver and shortly after this, a psychiatrist came round. I complained that they were not carrying out the appropriate tests and mentioned the harassment as well as the drug dealer. He refused to do a test for poisoning and I was detained under the specious pretext that I had “delusional psychosis” even though

  1. The physical symptoms were obvious.
  2. They refused to do the test for poisoning.
  3. The harassment was later admitted.
  4. The harassment was obvious.
  5. They detained me so they could recruit me and steal my work.

I relate what had occurred during this period in greater detail in the audio of the attempt to recruit me which is contained below but the above provides a useful summary.

Moreover three inspectors from the CQC turned up which is not standard practice in that where they monitor the mental health act, they visit mental health wards where patients are subject to treatment and I was not on a mental health ward. They also did not question the decision not to examine me something which would had shown that I had been poisoned. Given this, given the fact that I spoke to Dr Oliver as SIS shortly before the doctor turned up and in particular given the fact that the detention was arranged in order to recruit me, the intent would have been to give the rubber stamp for decisions which had been taken by the cabinet office.

Shortly before I moved out of the high dependency unit to another ward, someone in the bed which was nearest to the door and who was from Kenya stated, out of the blue, that he had been detained for several years at the request of a senior member of the establishment. It was slightly odd that he should mention this just as I was about to leave, in that he had never spoken to me before (he might have heard me talking to the doctor) and I suspect it was a coded way of telling me what was occurring and what would occur and that he had been placed there for that reason.

In light of the above poisoning of myself, the fact that the state sanctioned it, denied that it had occurred and would not investigate properly, I have no hesitation in stating the following. When the foreign secretary publishes rubbish like the following, knowing that

  1. It was not Russia.
  2. The claim is made so as to buttress the British lie that Russia carried out the Salisbury attack (when it was the British who carried it out in order to conceal infiltration) as part of a wish on the part of Germany to remain closely allied with the intelligence agencies of the United Kingdom.
  3. The intelligence agencies of the United Kİngdom for which he is partly responsible themselves carry out poisonings of people like myself and indeed Gareth Williams.

I have no hesitation in stating that for concealing such criminality on the part of the British state, he deserves a smack in the mouth which should take place on live television during a summit conference with many foreign heads of state present with the reasons for such an action made loud and clear. Tony Blair at least admitted he was wrong about the intelligence he received. This lot on the other hand think it is acceptable for the British state to murder and maim British citizens and residents and to go to any length to conceal the fact.


2 Fulbourn

1 Julia

I was then after a short time during which I spoke to Professor Simon Baron Cohen, who was disinterested in what had occurred, sent to Fulbourn hospital in Cambridge where there was an attempt to recruit me to MI6 as part of an exchange for my work.

According to the who was responsible for this attempted recruitment, Julia Peterson, “There was nothing I could do”. She tried to give the impression that she sympathized because she was apparently experiencing similar things to myself and was powerless. The fake victim trick was transparent and straight out of the GDR book of tactics and was obviously intended to make me give in. I am afraid that sort of thing does not work on me.

It was only when I convinced her later on that I was working for the FBI that she would back off from actually saying there was nothing I could do about attempts to steal my work. She would nonetheless keep badgering me to work for MI6. It is important to state this because the audio of the attempt to recruit occurred at this stage and might give the impression of benevolence on the part of Julia and MI6. Such attempts to interest me in the research which supposedly took place at MI6 only occurred because they felt under duress. In particular MI6 does not carry out any research, this is carried out by an organisation know as Her Majesties Government Communication Center.

The experience at Fulbourn would also rather resemble what was recounted in the section on Chocky in that the intelligence services detained me, attempted to to copy my ideas but did so badly that it puts the mistakes which they made at Pembroke into the shade. The fact that they attempted to copy my work was something which would only became apparent however years three later when I was in Moscow and is related at length in Chapter eleven under the section “accidental discoveries”.

During this period, I outlined various ideas on audio/video which I no longer have copies of due to the actions of the FBI in the American embassy in Paris in 2016 where they destroyed my material. My outlining of those ideas would have been monitored given the presence of Julia amongst others who, as I shall explain, had access to my computer. I foolishly overwrote one interesting section which pertained to using Wikileaks as part of an attempt to affect an election due to the fact that the recording was interrupted and had to restart that particular section. This idea amongst others, as I will explain in Chapter twelve, was copied.

The intelligence services proved that there was harassment as part of an attempt to make me hand over my work, given that’s what did occur and that the diagnosis which occurred as part of such attempts was thus proven to be false. Indeed the following proves as much

It should at this stage perhaps be considered that it is probable that such experiments and detentions have happened to others particularly given

  1. The increase in detentions of autistic people under the conservative government of individuals who could be moved out of such units
  2. The considerable and unnecessary cost involved at a time of austerity
  3. The cursory nature of the monitoring of such places.
  4. The fact that the authorities felt they might have more luck with someone else who was like myself given what I did with an analogue of the substance which formed part of the experiment under more controlled conditions.
  5. The fact that this was historic policy in the United States with respect to MKULTRA, was policy in my case and would have been attempted in other cases.


2 Johno

In the first week in Fulbourn, I met an individual called “Johno” who was detoxing from the usage of drugs and we started talking. I showed him a picture of Michael Hauser Raspe and asked whether he recognized him which he indicated that he did.

I promptly went out of the room, turned on the microphone on the computer and came back to record the conversation. You can hear the audio above or indeed here

As a result of the recording, I said to the doctor that I would like to stay but did not reveal the reasons why I wanted to which were as follows

  1. I hoped to meet many more people who would have encountered Michael in that it seemed that likely, based upon my previous encounter with Johno, that a place where people detoxed in Cambridge would be the most appropriate place to encounter and record people who had bought drugs from Michael.
  2. I was saving 60 or so pounds a day on food and lodgings.

This turned out to be an eminently sensible idea for me at least but certainly not for the intelligence services and not for the reasons I thought it would be.


3 Attempts to recruit and what I did

I was promptly moved to the second ward and then onto the third ward of Fulbourn during which time I met Julia who, because she was aware of my history due to the fact that she worked for MI6 and, as she would state was the purpose of my admission, started badgering me into working for that organisation.

  1. I knew that employment at MI6 was a terrible idea because that sort of job require a certain skillset and because of what happened to Gareth Williams. Indeed the fact that it was a bad idea was indicated by the first test which I did for recruitment to that organization which indicated that their methods of recruitment were deficient.
  2. I could not allow them to succeed in gaining hold of my work. The purpose of what I did online during my staye formed part of attempts to prevent this and was an eminently sensible decision given what did happen to the UK and the US when there were good and bad attempts to copy what I was doing.

I shall explain what those online activities consisted of by naming the ingredients but not the actual recipe. Even if some people are aware of what occurred, outlining precisely what I did could lead to imitations, something which, in this case, has had bad consequences. The ingredients were as follows

  1. I asked someone to say a prayer for me and then not, for the first occasion, somehow or other things began to change from then on.
  2. I created a deliberately tampered recording of Johno and myself to suggest that he was stating that Michael had definitely and not fairly certainly been drug dealing which I then put online. I have for reference tampered with things on just 2 other occasions, one of which was with Julia and occurred in relation to an email which said “THISISAFAKE” in the header, as I shall explain and the other was not so much deliberately tampering but shortening the recording I would make of her (because it is fairly long). The purpose of this tampering was to secure a confession from Julia and others and I was successful to that end (at least with Julia).
  3. One of my fixed interests is Hancock’s half hour. With doppelgangers, the necessary defeat of a) those who would attempt to steal from me, b)  the college, and c) MI6  in mind, I remembered the last radio episode of that series which was called “The impersonator”. In that episode, someone impersonates Tony Hancock, as part of a series of television commercials for “Harper’s cornflakes”. Tony Hancock with the help of Sid James who is acting as his agent then sues on the basis that the impressionist has copied his hobsons (voice). Hancock wins but Sid James decides  to represent the impressionist because the BBC apparently think that he sounded more like Tony Hancock than Tony Hancock did. The phrases that brought this to mind were.
    1. “On his hobsons”. A reference to St Catharines.
    2. “Struck down by a packet of cornflakes” and indeed this is what occurred to MI6 as a consequence of what I did next.
  4. l altered a picture of a cornflake packet within a cornflake packet which a child is trying to grab as part of which he pulls a table cloth and smashes the crockery on the table. I took inspiration from a Hogarth painting, “Marriage a la mode” which is full of symbolism with the open violin case indicating fertility and decided to do the same with the picture of the packet of cornflakes.
    1. I put the words FBI on the child’s back and a picture of Dr Hauser over the inset picture of the cornflake packet as if to suggest that the FBI were going to arrest him. The crockery on the table was thus meant to symbolise various elements of Cambridge which were going to be smashed. This is all emphasized with the words “There is a good time coming”.
    2. The idea itself for outlining the future in a painting comes from a not very good doctor who story called Castrovalva where various significant events which are about to occur appear on a tapestry.
    3. Castrovalva is of course a place which does not exist in the story which is partly based upon a lithograph by the optical illusionist MC Escher
    4. That and my painting are in many ways also a a doom painting, which is a traditional English term for a wall-painting of the Last Judgment in a medieval church. This is the moment in Christian eschatology when Christ judges souls to send them to either Heaven or Hell. Here is an example called The Last Jugement by Fra Anglico
    5. Which is odd considering the fact that if one looks at my little effort, it represents what did subsequently occur in that in the pursuit of Hermann Hauser in that, if one ignores the FBI (which is probably a good idea because they are grossly incompetent), other objects such as the table-cloth and crockery are meant to represent aspects of the British state and are either broken or damaged
      1. The loss of arm holdings which may have something to do with me.
      2. The effects upon Cambridge and the British state of no deal or “near enough no deal” which occurred as a result of events in Fulbourn.
  5. I devised a method which I shall not reveal of convincing Julia and her associates that there was communication between numerous people online involving myself and the FBI using the above picture and indeed the above audio. I am reluctant to explain this given the fact that such a revelation would be understandably unwelcome but I shall say the following. It does resemble the following which I had not watched at the time and which strangely, given what was occurring,
    1. Starred a James Bond actor
    2. Involved a 1964 painting called Le fils de l’homme by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte.
    3. Led to the acquisition of information which they did not want me to have.
    4. They were convinced by.
  6. To some extent this bore some resemblance to the British television sitcom Allo Allo, where various individuals including some Germans were after a painting called “The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies“. In my case, various individuals in authority (despite what had occurred at Pembroke) including a German, were trying to get hold of a) the painting by ascertaining its real location and b) as a consequence the person communicating. Dr Hauser ended up however decamping to New Zealand presumably because someone told him I had weapons of mass destruction or something.
  7. It may have been noticed that I was listening a good deal to Saint-Saëns Symphony No 3 in C, Op 78, which should have perhaps provided a clue to what was occurring albeit a rather cryptic one.

Julia was getting increasingly worried/badgery/harassing with me as a consequence of this which I found irritating so I emailed the American embassy about “corruption in the defense industry”. I had already hoped my method of communication would in any case alert them to what was going on because at this stage I knew nothing about the involvement of GCHQ and had doubts about who she was. I just thought that they and the college were a gang of crooks whom GCHQ were being too lazy to deal with even if they were aware of them and who had something to do with defense, which was the reason for the title of the email. It turns out nonetheless to be quite an accurate title.

Another reason for the method of communication was because I had thought that it was potentially the case that emails to the FBI would be blocked given my experiences in the college of certain emails going missing. To my surprise however, I ended up receiving a response which may indeed be to do with the fact that GCHQ would not have dared to block my emails under the circumstances.

When I told her about the email response from the embassy, for some reason she laughed hysterically in a worried fashion and offered me some shampoo.

I subsequently went to the American embassy and met two rather terse and not very bright FBI officers who did not want to listen to what I said and more or less stated as much and promptly told me to leave. I attempted to warn them about the security implications of the fact that people were attempting to harass me into handing over my ideas but they refused to listen, a decision which, much like was the case with the UK and indeed Canada with respect to ignoring my real concerns in relation to infiltration and pilfering of ideas, would turn out to be unwise. They were perhaps partly unhappy because as someone would comment, with reference to Hermann Hauser, “he looks like Jimmy Carter”.

When I came back she asked what had happened and I said “I can’t talk about it” which appeared to convince her for a couple of weeks. I made the mistake however of offering an olive branch whereupon she went back to her old ways and said in a rather pleased fashion “So you’re on your own then”. She got progressively more smug and did the “there’s nothing you can do about the people attempting to make you hand over your work, why don’t you work for MI6” routine.

I then, rather irked at this, checking what the law said, and thinking of

  1. Her college which was St Johns
  2. Douglas Adams
  3. A Doctor Who episode called City of Death where the doctor writes this is a fake on the canvas of seven Mona Lisas which were about to be painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  4. The fact that the butler or servant in the episode is called Hermann

Wrote “THISISAFAKE” in the email header of the email from the FBI at various points and changed the contents of that email to state that they were going to investigate but that it might take some time.

I then read out the contents of the email in the outdoor smoking area and offered to show it near the medicine cabinet that evening. She would not examine it however given the fact that that her knees had apparently started to hurt so I read it out to her instead.

I then decided to record her at night and talk about MI6 and “how I was interested” and to secure a confession that she was attempting to recruit me on behalf of MI6 and that they had put me there for that purpose.


4 My recording of the attempt to recruit

1 Recording 1 -Saturday the 19th of July 2014

A commentary

  • 0:00 – 0:16: I turn on a recording app on the computer in the toilet and then leave
  • 0:16 – 0:23: I am trying to get her to speak more loudly in order to have a better quality recording of the conversation.
  • 0:33 – 1:07: I ask why I am suited to MI6 and she says it is because I am “talented with computers”. She could not know whether I was talented with computers, given that she did not have physical access to the computer and she could not have known how I was achieving this method of communication, the details of which I did not mention. As such she will have been made aware of what I was doing by others or indeed by accessing my computer. I also state that I am not extrovert and I would find it difficult to imagine that someone on the autistic spectrum with a lower level of cognitive empathy would be suited to a position which requires a high level of cognitive empathy.
  • 1:15 – 1:54: I talk about how the British government before the second world war started ignored somehow who had been trying to divulge the plans for the German bombs which were used in the blitz.
  • I:54 – 2:44: She talks about how MI6 carry out research which isn’t true given that this is carried out by HMGCC and this is obviously a lure. And then states how MI6 look after you if they “know you are on side” just like they did with her “when she was at BT”.
  • 2:50 – 3:23: Talk about some strange messages which I have received, she shows her BT card for instance and I suggest doing another application. It was her idea because she kept on badgering me into applying again. “What I’ve had to do” refers to the new form of communication and the effect upon others and the fact that MI6 do not disapprove means that the British government cannot claim that what I did was wrong.
  • 3:23 – 5:25: A member of staff comes and the discussion is not particularly interesting or pertinent to what I am writing here. There is some noise between 4:05 and 5:05 because I am accidentally rubbing the part of the computer where the microphone is located.
  • 5:25 – 5:40: Express my like for the hospital because of what it has afforded me in terms of being able to reverse the situation. I initially of course did not like it because I was detained and did not use it like a hotel.


2 Recording 2 -Saturday the 19th of July 2014

A commentary

  • 0:00 – 0:20: I do the same thing of going to the toilet to turn on the microphone
  • 1:18 – 1:56: I state that I am converting “Biggles – Adventures in time” in order to explain why the computer is located next to me. I then sit down in an armchair with my laptop which was open placed on a table which is to the right of that armchair and Julia sits in an armchair to the right of the table.
  • 1:56 – 2:21: I ask about the bullying culture because of what happened to Gareth Williams in that it would appear, on the basis of the evidence, that he was murdered by British Intelligence. The explanation with respect to his death are of course provided elsewhere. She says no they don’t which is evidently not true given that she has been bullying to some extent by pressuring me into applying) and suggest that as a double agent apparently selling technology, which can only have been made with reference to my contact with the FBI, I might be subject to torture. When I say I have explained my reasoning which is with reference to my apparent defection to the US, she does not provide any reassurances or suggest that she was referring to anyone else and says that I have to apply to MI6.
  • 2:40 – 3:10: I do not know about the fact that it was GCHQ who were involved in the harassment nor indeed in the decision to detain me at this point so I express confidence in that organisation. She appears to know a great deal about MI6 even though she worked at BT but
    • As a former nationalized company, it will have ex-MI6 officers present as stated by Richard Tomlinson with respect to British Airways.
    • They do work on behalf of the intelligence services and will have strong links with governmental organisations.
    • She proves (as you can see from the abbreviated version of this audio as shown above) that she is working on their behalf.
    • The fact that she thinks I should work for MI6 and that I should not work for GCHQ provides a greater indication of the fact that she is working on behalf of MI6.
  • 3:28 – 4:10: I ask whether MI6 are on my side because I did not get the impression, for understandable reasons involving the harassment and Pembroke, that they were. Apparently Julia states that because I failed the test, MI6 are not on my side. She agrees that I was being victimized.
  • 4:15 – 4:35: I refer to the fact that I am aware that tutors act as prevetting for the intelligence agencies and mention that Dr Oliver must be doing that (although this is only confirmed later) and that he has ordered the usage of SUNBLOCK with respect to a particular email I had sent. I also ask why I am here to which Julia gives spurious answers (my own safety probably) or (because I have autism). The fact that she knows why I have been admitted is indicated by the fact that
    • She does not answer my direct question as to whether it is to do with recruitment
    • Her confirmation that it was to do with recruitment later on.
  • 5:10 – 13:00: I discuss what led to my admission to St Thomas hospital in London with reference to the conversation as my subsequent detention. You will notice that she is absolutely certain that it is ketamine, almost as if she was aware of what had occurred. I make reference to the fact that the same set of symptoms which I was suffering were ones which I had suffered in college at the hands of Wei Kang Tchou. The fact that detention was ordered by Dr Oliver is according to
    • My own recollection of the online conversation, the log of which I no longer have,
    • The claim by Kang Tchou
    • The official records to which I will obviously not have access.
  • 13:20 – 14:30: I make reference to hacking into my computer and Julia just happens to mention that she could not get on the internet. This is best interpreted as her attempting to cover up her own actions in this respect which are indicated by the fact that she knew what I was talented with computers which she could not have known unless she had access to my computer. She did not do a very good job of hacking however given that she would state later on “I still don’t know about you did what you did” with respect to my method of warding off the harassment.
  • 14:33- 15:00: I push her to answer why my stay in the hospital was arranged and she is initially reluctant to answer but states after a pause that it was for my protection, goes on to say that it was in relation to the drugs thing and that it had nothing to do with my work. This is nonsense given that
    • She had stated that there was nothing I could do.
    • Sir Richard Dearlove had done diddly squat about the drugs thing when I was in Pembroke when ı had discovered a means of tracking drug users.
    • She would state that it had occurred due to their wish to recruit me later on (which can involve protection)
  • 15:45 -’16:00: The doctors won’t tell me why I was detained and what was apparently wrong with me in the hospital.
  • 16:38 – 17:40: I ask whether they are trying to cover up the drug gang? Julia does not deny this but does not answer, then sort of says yes when I say it sounds wacky (which it obviously isn’t given a) her previous statements and b) the way in which college and the authorities reacted to my discovery at Pembroke and my knowledge of what Michael had done). She then uses what might appear to be gentle encouragement to work for MI6 by saying what might happen otherwise in that I might end up on the streets with a crack habit. The psychiatric services apparently don’t give a damn according to Julia.
  • 17:40 – 21:43: I mention the messages asking whether am I a fan of Russia and she becomes interested and goes to fetch her BT card and the clubs she is a member of. Indirectness is inappropriate for someone on the spectrum hence why I think I am unsuited. There are more indirectness and obvious changing the subject in relation to the mention of a tap on the shoulder.
  • 21:59 – 22:45: Apparently I am already in a selection process. She then changes the subject agaain
  • 22:45 – 22:55: I opted to stay for the aforesaid reasons.
  • 22:55 – 23:12: Won’t tell me why I was sectioned citing “data protection” which obviously indicates that something was up because they have an obligation to say why someone is detained.
  • 23:12 – 23:49: I thoroughly enjoyed what I did and mention that I would like to do it as a job which piques Julia’s interest who states that what I did there is approved by the state and later on that I would be perfect for MI6.
  • 23:50 – 24:20: I had in addition not had a WCA assessment which is mandatory part of any application for Employment and Support Allowance.
  • 25:02 – 27:00: She is trying to dissuade me by going to America by talking about my sectioning and says that I should apply to MI6. She has been sectioned before but came in voluntarily to Mulberry 2, where patients are not usually admitted because Mulberry 1 is the admissions ward.
  • 28:49 – 29:40: She admits finally that she is tapping me on the shoulder. As a logical consequence of my application and eventual acceptance however, it must be obvious that I would not be possible for me to proceed with my project (because MI6 doesn’t do research) which would mean that other individuals who would wish to be involved would be in a position to do so. This is somewhat easier than persuading me to hand it over by harassment as had previously been the case. She is lying about not attempting to get hold of my work because that is a logical consequence of the application.
  • 29:40 – 30:15: Julia admits that tutors love stealing student’s work.
  • 30:15 – 35:25: I talk inaccurately about my discovery of trilateration and the Hausers. I was in fact being persecuted beforehand by individuals from the college online, members who are into drugs including Michael. I am told that as a consequence of what I did to Michael and his drug gang, I am perfect for MI6.
  • 35:25 – 38:20: I talk about how trilateration can be used against the Russians and Julia eventually agrees. Obviously this will have piqued the interest of people who work on behalf of Russia in the foreign office. I explain my Circassian background and she explains the fact that she is related to the Fox family.
  • 38:20 – 38:37: Julia talks about how MI6 will look after me and give me privileges
  • 38:37 – 40:40: Talk about doing what I did independently which she advises against but which is ironic given what happened subsequently.
  • 40:55 – 41:20: Apparently my being in the hospital is a tap on the shoulder.


3 What happened in the interim

She found out about the recording and this indicated by the following

  • The next day she appeared in the dining area in the morning and was very keen for me to go on a free plane ride for some reason at short notice and when, because of my fear of heights, I did not wish to go, she became more and more nervous. This is indicative of an attempt to get rid of me as is outlined in the following video
  • I experienced a break-in to my room and a theft of a hard drive.
  • When I turn down the plane ride, she for the first time ever cooks a meal which she is very keen that I should eat but I choose not to do so saying I was a bit full.
  • She become more and more hysterical as I don’t fall for her attempts and eventually loses control of her bodily functions and has to be heavily sedated by two members of staff.
  • She knew about the fact that I was talented with computers which she can only have known about through Computer Network Exploitation.
  • She sounds worried about whether I am making another video (of her). The previous video I made contained the tampered audio of Michael Hauser Raspe:


4 Recording 3 – Tuesday 22nd of July 2014

A commentary

  • 0:00 – 4:00: I go to the toilet to start the recording on my laptop but decide to do so with the lid closed so as to give the impression that I am not recording Julia. To add to this impression when I eventually sit down, I also decide to clean the computer but this does have the effect of making the recording which is still perfectly audible not as clear as might be beneficial.
  • 3:43 – 5:03: Julia sounds very irritable and depressed and is not friends with Kelly.
  • 5:52 – 6:25: She has to take two extra tablets last night to calm her down after becoming hysterical.
  • 6:59 – 8:05: I refer to the plane ride which she offered at short notice the day after making the recording on Sunday morning. It was definitely Sunday morning when she made the offer and given the fact that I recorded her attempt to recruit me, given that she does sound very keen that I should go on the flight which is free, and given the account given by Gary Murray, the former MI5 agent in the above video, it does indicate an intent to get rid of me. I say I can’t go because things are a bit up in the air
  • 9:25 – 9:45: She asks whether I did another video, which is in reference to the last video which I released which was a recording of a patient talking about Michael Hauser Raspe and is concerned to know what it is about. This is another indication that she knows about the fact that I recorded her
  • 10:32 – 11:30: I talk about the food she prepared the day before and the fact she never cooks.
  • 12:30 – 13:35: Apparently according to Julia the drug gang will not leave me alone now because I’ve trodden on their toes.
  • 13:43 – 14:35: Julia talks about the fact that a council estate and the college are identical in terms of the usage of drugs. Julia mentions my family finances which I am unaware of. None of my family would ever have divulged such information which would mean that the information had been gathered electronically, which would mean through GCHQ. The information is however incorrect and comes from several telephone conversations I had with an ill informed relative. It is telling that she won’t provide an answer as to how she knew and proves that she does indeed work for MI6
  • 14:45 – 16:00: I suspect she might have links with the drug gang given her previous harassment in the ward and given the protection of those involved in drug dealing by the intelligence services. I ask whether she is planning on tell the drug gang and say she shouldn’t to which she says “Why”. I ask her whether she thinks drugs are wrong because of a statement she made that the government don’t mind drugs because it keeps people in their place.
  • 17:00 – 17:15: I apparently didn’t bother to show her how the new method of communications which I developed which I never mentioned to her but which she knew about. She is obviously aware that it all emanates from the same IP address and is monitoring my traffic.
  • 17:15 – 17:40: When searching for Julia Peterson she did not appear on Facebook until recently where her own profile recently appeared on search. In this profile she has attempted to discredit herself and the fact that she worked on behalf of MI6 by appearing to be mentally unsound.
  • 22:25 – 28:20: I ask for further explanations about why Ketamine might have been used. Apparently tampering with medication is the sort of thing drug dealers do and I have to be on my guard from now on.
  • 28:20 – 32:40: After explaining that I went to Birmingham for my own safety and encountered the same drug gang as I had in Cambridge, Julia says it’s not odd and said she has to know about such things because she is a qualified drug and addiction counsellor who worked at the Maudsley hospital. Apparently because I have annoyed the drug gang and I have put my life into their hands. I have a plan to leave the country which is why I might sound somewhat arrogant.


5 The offer of a degree

Although this is not on the recording, she was also insistent that I should accept a degree which was apparently required for the position of Intelligence Officer. She said it could be in computing and indeed this correlates with the following email which I was given a copy of where I am offered a DDH or ordinary degree even though I did not request it.DfaFoQiW0AA2XIS.jpg:large

I have refused the degree for the following reasons

  1. Most importantly, I could not countenance a situation where I would be encouraging the college and intelligence services to do the same to others
  2. Although unimportant, it would not be reflective of what I was capable of as one can see most notably from the end result of my stay in Fulbourn in particular. This does on an objective basis turn out to
    1. Be far more interesting than a degree from Cambridge
    2. Utterly discredit the system of degrees given that I did not have a degree and the incompetents responsible for my detention, attempted recruitment and subsequent events did.
  3. It would require me to keep my mouth shut about things which had occurred to me and which would have occurred to others.
  4. I would decide to study Cambridge and the college instead and I think objectively speaking this is more valuable.
  5. Similarly, and not that I would be offered it of course (!), I would turn down the Nobel prize because of the fact that
    1. The value system of such prizes is discredited given that they all rate Oxbridge so highly
    2. The Nobel prize committee have a bias towards Oxbridge and indeed a racial bias against black people with (the exception of the Nobel/literature prize which is biased towards black people).
    3. Cambridge would claim the credit.


3 The end result

1. What were the consequences of what occurred

The end result of my stay (and I elongated it for two months) was that

  1. I secured further evidence in relation to Michael Hauser Raspe and his drug dealing as well as the fact that the college and the intelligence services had sought to conceal this.
  2. After an objective and obvious misdiagnosis, I turned from “anvil” to “hammer” and convinced Julia, the FCO and Doctor Oliver (because he had to be told a year later and looked horrified when I told him the truth) and INTERPOL apparently (because of what would happen in Russia) that I was working for the FBI when I wasn’t.
  3. I secured information which proved that the intelligence services were responsible for my detention and did so as part of an attempt to recruit me and to make me hand over my work.
  4. I secured proof that the state misdiagnose to conceal corruption as part of a policy in that regards.
  5. I learnt to program during this period through my own efforts.
  6. It may perhaps be the case that the then head of MI6 resigned as a result on June. One might doubt this given the fact that the heads of the secret intelligence service tend to stay in their post for a period of five years although this is certainly not a hard rule. On the other hand,
    1. He had to apologize for what happened to another member of the college under his watch, a Mr Gareth Williams who had been employed by MI6 and would have been aware of events which pertained to the college and the foreign office and would perhaps have wanted to leave.
    2. It has been the case that his successor has stayed in post longer than had been intended and this occurred due to the fact that I uncovered several plots to stop Brexit which led to delays to Brexit
    3. Many other more senior civil servants have been installed by the government on account of myself so that fact that someone should resign is not unlikely
    4. He announced his resignation whereas his predecessors in the role did not as far as I can tell.
    5. It is perhaps the case that the US were none too pleased at what I did. In fact its more than likely given what occurred the next year in Ireland
    6. Moreover,
      1. As I was researching this.
      2. The following tweets occurred from accounts which do not have a pattern of tweeting and which do not tweet at a set time
      3. This may be expected given that this is a need to give the impression that they are allies and that they were not annoyed at what had happened.
  7. As I relate in chapter eleven and twelve, I also secured proof that my allegations of harassment to make me hand over my work were true in that they harassed me and copied my work. I will be circumspect for the moment about this because it requires an understanding of what had occurred up until that particular point (I secured proof three years later when I was in Russia claiming asylum) but in brief I shall say that
    1. Laurie Bristow and the people at the FCO were so convinced by what I did in Fulbourn that they tried to imitate what I did as part of an attemptto reverse the result of the Brexit referendum. I state that they did so after somehow else had done so because it would seem implausible to suggest that
      1. They have the intelligence or imagination to think up these things themselves given past form.
      2. They would not have done so during the Brexit referendum when things were on a knife edge although one can suggest that they were complacent
    2. Russia copied my ideas, after someone passed on the information as part of which they resorted to Russiagate. This did not occur to “swing an election” but involved
      1. Something known as non-linear warfare
      2. Attempts to detract from Russian infiltration of British intelligence something which the latter colluded in.


2 The depiction of what occurred in BBC television’s Sherlock

One can look at the BBC’s Sherlock series which, odd as it may perhaps seem, provides confirmation of the actions of the British government. It should be stated that none of the production team, as far as I am aware, went to Oxford or Cambridge, yet for all the talk of how this the fourth series didn’t compare, it is astonishingly prescient on the basis of what occurred since, although they did not predict the fact that what occurred led to brexit and indeed the end of the United Kingdom.

Indeed if you were looking by means of allegory to sum up my experience of the years 2010 to 2016, you would talk about a corrupt businessman and philanthropist who is respected and protected by the establishment, Russian infiltration and someone in detention whose abilities are highly regarded/feared by the British government (but then I am sure the abilities Pingu are amazing and make them quake too). And this is what Series four of Sherlock is about.

  1. The BBC Sherlock production team decided to base the last series of Sherlock on what occurred at Fulbourn and beyond. Both writers had envisaged certain elements as far back as the first series but the actual implementation in terms of production and writing obviously did not occur until years later. The series was as it were shaped to fit and repurposed.
    1. The Final Problem on the basis of what they been had told had occurred both at Pembroke and at Fulbourn. I state “what they had been told had occurred” because although what I did might perhaps be considered to have the same sort of impact, nothing I did was “evil”. I will not reiterate the plot of the episode but
      1. Eurus Holmes was played by an actor who is best known for starring in All About George and Lori in Cape Wrath. This is a reference to the fact that its about myself and that they felt my actions were somehow wrathful. I suppose to quote Jeremy Clarkson when he was talking about SARS on HIGNFY, yogurt would be scarey. They will have chosen her on the basis of certain selectors and by looking at IMDb
      2. The location of the prison was on St Catharines island in Pembrokeshire. This is a reference to what occurred at Pembroke college and my detention by individuals who are alumni of that college and these terms were used as selectors.
      3. The choice of the name of the prison, Sherrinford also indicates this. It is true to state that this name was originally intended for Sherlock but the name Sherrin-ford means “clear” “river” and given that the location where the prison is located is in fact on an island, the writers will not have initially chosen that name. Instead they knew or were informed that Simon Shercliff was involved in things, noticed the name means “clear” “rock”, chose St Catharines island in Pembrokeshire, whereupon they did not want to make things too obvious, remembered the name Sherrinford was available and gave that name to the prison. One can make mention of the fact that the prison is set at “St Catharine’s fort” and suggest that they chose “Sherrin” “ford” on the basis of the fact that the word ford reminded them of it but it does seem far more probable that the writers came to the choice of name Sherrinford through remembering that Simon Shercliff went to St Catharines.
      4. The line producer from series three (and not series 1) was a Diana Barton and had been a line producer on Doctor who. The line producer is someone who influences or arranges the casting and location, as she did on Casualty. This is a reference to Barton lane where I stayed when I made my discovery of trilateration and my like of Doctor Who. She will have been chosen on the basis of those selectors as well as the fact that she was already known to the production team.
      5. The plot roughly (if one can exclude the immorality and some of the more fantastic bits) concurs with what occurred then and what has occurred with with respect to brexit (and the consequent end of the United Kingdom), something which will of course has taken place as a consequence of what the United Kingdom. Moreover, to be frank and I won’t name names, I had an influence over some of the staff as Eurus did, one of whom shook my hands warmly when I did what I did. Much the same can be said of my contact with SIS (Julia) and indeed with someone from the CIA in 2015. I am thankful to some of the staff there who will remain nameless but obviously not to the higher echelons, one of whom subsequently left nor indeed the NHS which is treated as a national religion at the expense of the staff and those who use it and which if you look at it as a socialist or capitalist should be slung into the sea.
      6. The Eurus is also a reference to myself given
        1. The name
          1. It is the Greek name for the east wind (Εὖρος) and that I am of eastern origin.
          2. I studied classics
          3. It refers to the effect of what I did.
          4. It is true to state that the phrase “There is an east wind coming” is used in -His Last Bow but it does not explain the usage of the Greek not indeed the decision to name Sherlock by that name. How is she an eastern wind given that she is British?
        2. The fact that I
          1. Am the youngest in the family
          2. Am supposedly the most intelligent (as I am supposedly meant to be. Not that it matters but it is pertinent to what is written here)
          3. Am the sort of person who has friendships given that I am on the spectrum
          4. Was detained in exchange for my information as part of which they gave me treats. They failed however in that on the basis of what I did, they ended up with brexit and will end up with the end of the UK. Simon Shercliff and Johnathan Allen were rather amusingly awarded a CMG which tells you all you need to know about these awards.
        3. The fact that she was detained on the orders of the cabinet office as I was.
      7. Why did they choose me? For the reasons stated above and indeed one could also state that I lived on Sherlock court at St Catharines college for two years.
      8. One can also look at the fact that whilst series four was being broadcast (from the 1st to the 15th of January 2017), one of the authors of Sherlock, Mark Gatiss appeared as the regent King George the IV in a TV series called Taboo which was broadcast on the 7th of January.
    2. The Lying detective which is about a prominent entrepreneur and philanthropist who is a crook and a murderer. It is partly based on an Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock story known as “The Adventures of the dying detective” and supposedly partly on the life of Jimmy Saville. If one excepts the having aspect to the hospital aspect however, Jimmy Saville was not as far as we know a businessman nor a murderer and Culverton Smith is not into necrophilia etc  and as such it must be based upon someone else. If one follows the pattern and examines the evidence, it must therefore be based upon a prominent philanthopist and businessman from Cambridge.
      1. Sherlock is on drugs and I was, but not in that state, on occasions where I had undertook the experiment and this will have factored in the decision to detain me given what I did in relation to uncovering a confession of drug dealing by his son Michael Hauser Raspe as a consequence.
      2. One can also look at the recordings at Fulbourn to secure a confession which pertains to what I did to the intelligence services who were acting on his behalf. Indeed both myself and Sherlock put ourselves in harms way (including attempts, not very good, to kill in my case) by electing to stay in the hospital through which I secured a confession that there had been harassment on the part of the intelligence services which of course occurred on behalf of the Hausers. I was not however violent like Sherlock.
      3. Moreover, and most importantly one should look at the following little ironic nod to reality, which has only, as far as I am aware occurred with Hermann Hauser as far back as 2003, as you can see It is also a moniker which  is referred to more recently in the telegraphAnd by Amadeus Capital Partners……Which is a slightly odd thing to tweet (given the moniker and the expressions) within the context of my questioning on facebook as to whether in fact Alex Van Someren might in fact be guilty a few hours earlier. He refers to “cybersecurity” which is an odd thing considering the harassment involving hacking which I experienced and indeed the fact that there was a leak of my discoveries by the people who work for him, namely the intelligence services, with whom, Alex van Someren has close links. It is also odd considering the rest of the evidence in relation to Dr Hermann Hauser. The AI thing is significant given the fact that he wishes through AI to compete with my work which is why it is mentioned. He would achieve this by corporate espionage, as he himself states is essential and by discovering how my project works (I am afraid that isn’t possible in particular because it is not what people think it might be). He does so has to confirm that he is not being so direct in his “competition” in that he didn’t expect the reaction he got nor indeed the events which occurred since 2013 including my visit to Russia and so on.
      4. Hermann Hauser is of course a businessman and philanthropist in education and health.
      5. As such given this not very coincidental occurrence in that it is difficult given other factors mentioned above to imagine that they thought of an ironic moniker denoting who he is whilst at the same time another person from the same sphere in real life also has an ironic moniker denoting what he does, this where they will have got part of the inspiration for a businessman and philanthropist who is a criminal.  As with Eurus, he “evilness” is exaggerated however although the impact of his criminality is broadly the same in a different respect which is bribery and so on.
      6. One could also potentially mention the usage of doppelgangers and impersonation by Eurus in this episode (the therapist and the girl on the bus) within the context of the fact of who she is meant to represent and what I did. It is not online however but in real life.
      7. The reaction from the authorities is the same with regards to corruption and criminality by those in authority which is really the point of this episode. And it is only people in authority who are not gay who genderwash and pinkwash and so on to conceal the fact and not the authors of this episode, one of whom is gay.
      8. Moreover, one if you were thinking of a businessman on whom to base this, Hermann Hauser would spring to mind given the context of what I related about The Final Problem and the overall series in that it stars
        1. Martin Freeman who played Chris Curry in Micromen and you would be most likely to choose Hermann Hauser.
        2. Rupert Graves who I think it is fair to say is most well known for starring in a the Oscar award winning film “A room with a view”
          1. This was set partly just down the road from where I grew up at a place called Emmetts Gardens.
          2. He famously goes mucking about in the “a sacred lake” with the lead character in the film called George Emerson and the local vicar. This is located in the same village.
          3. That scene starts off with the vicar stating “coincidence is rarer than we think. You naturally seek out things Italianate” which is odd given that I was known for running about naked at the time. Moreover as part of that speech he says “You naturally seek out things Italianate” which is also odd because it just so happens that I lived next to an Italianate building designed by Joshua Wilson Faulkner. This is the only Italianate building area in the vicinity.
          4. Then again the choice of the location of Emmetts Garden might be because the person is called George Emerson although it is nonetheless odd that they did not choose Emmetts Gardens or indeed the immediate local vicinity, where there was a lake which could quite easily been altered to suit, to film that particular scene. Instead they dug an entirely new lake. It is not improbable however that they should choose a location with me in consideration given what I related here in relation to the reasons why my father was permitted to immigrate to England and so on. Sherlock proves as much in that this is based on what I did and indeed other films were chosen on the basis that it was considered somehow important based upon what my father did.
    3. The six thatchers. They were aware of infiltration and decided to write the Six Thatchers as a comment upon matters of which I had been aware since 2015 which are depicted from chapter here and, much in the same way as James Bond, the intelligence services and the government wish to put a positive gloss on the way things work and the way such things are handled. A reference to real life events is not as glaringly clearcut as the final problem (how could it be?) but it is a close second. The fact that the depiction of infiltration relates to Dr Oliver include the following
      1. A reference to a conversation I had with Dr Wardy at the matriculation dinner in relation to Margaret Thatcher where he, like Mycroft, stated words to the effect “I met her once, rather arrogant I thought” and how he could not wish her well.
      2. The fact that Dr Oliver worked as a secretary in many ways and was close to Dr Wardy, as Vivienne was in terms of working arrangements to Mycroft. He would have been far better placed than Vivienne to have access to information or be able to secure it because in his case, he was a fellow and tutor from the early nineties at St catharines college, where, given its nature and given the immaturity of the students, more embarassing/sensitive aspects of a student’s life would have been “revealed”, which could then be used for leverage at a latter date. Those students would of course go on to include the former head of counterrorism and present director of national security, Simon Shercliff and indeed the present deputy ambassador to the UN in New York and former director of  national security, Johnathan Allen. Amongst others. It should be of interest to note that
        1. Both GCHQ and SIS report directly to the director of national security.
        2. That job is to all intents and purposes the nexus point between UK and US intelligence and UK and the intelligence that comes from EU countries.
        3. As such the director of national security has access to that information and indeed all your information if you are British. For the terminally stupid, if there was anything about me, then the FCOD would have used it to stop brexit
      3. There was infiltration, as proven by the Salisbury case.
      4. The infiltration depicted refers to Russian infiltration in that Georgia is a pro-western country and as such coups can only refer to Russia which has assisted Abkhazia and South Ossetia to become independent.
      5. The choice of the actor who played Vivenne Norbury, Marcia Williams would have been most famous as
        1. A Olivier award winner.
        2. Someone who starred alongside a member of St Catharine s college, Ian Mackellen, in the ITV television comedy (yes they do exist) called vicious.
        3. And given that she was already known to the production team in her work on Edge of Heaven would have been selected on that basis. You can hear the discussion amongst the production team “Let’s see now who can depict the villian in this case. “Dr Oliver” and “St Catharines”, hmmm, I know how about that actress who worked for us on that sitcom who won an Olivier award and who worked alongside that Catz fellow Ian Mackellen, you know like we did with Sian Brook who starred in All About George and who is playing Eurus”.
        4. Moreover as someone based upon the tutor of someone who did classics, they also gave her a latin codeword, Ammo.
        5. Furthermore, I did not mention my suspicions about Dr Oliver until after they had started filming in April 2016 given that I had been as part of the harassment subject to gaslighting. As such the foreign office made the admission first. I didn’t even have this website nor was I of a mind to reveal information publicly something which by the way, Russia would be against and which destroys any leverage.
      6. The appearance of Eurus, the fact that the line producer is of course Diane Barton, and the fact that I went to Sherlock court.
      7. Dissapearing USB sticks and breakins which of course related to Dr Oliver. This may have been an attempt to blame Russia infiltration for the criminality which takes place at the behest of British intelligence.
      8. The fact that the government would base the Salisbury affair on a Sherlock episode which pertains to infiltration.
  2. Moreover one can look at the following which pertains to a posting of a video which stars Mycroft Holmes. As stated “The video, which was created for Chinese website Youku and posted by the BBC Sherlock Turkey Twitter account, sees ‘Mycroft’ dressed in a smart suit and sitting in front of the camera to ‘criticise’ the series. “. Now lets have a look at the video in the tweet. This is a comment upon myself because of the fact that
    1. I was in Turkey at the time of the posting and because this was posted on the BBC Sherlock Turkey Twitter account as opposed to the main sherlock account or indeed any other of the accounts.
    2. There are not I would imagine many people in Turkey who are English, who are thought to be similar to him in terms of his disposition (if not his contempt).
  3. Furthermore one can have a look at the following. I was just doodling the following which is a variant of “İs it a better to jail a 1000 innocent people or to let 1000 guilty people go free.”And then Mark Gatiss tweets the following at 23:43 about mental health. Given the timing frequency and content of communications, one can tell it is in responseThis does not indicate that he got any of the above directly from me given the fact that I did not state in any particular detail or knew about any great detail about the effect of what I did, nor indeed the fact that the cabinet office was involved. I never mentioned the fact that within Fulbourn, I managed to turn some of the staff to my side. Nor indeed did I mention Doctor Oliver in that respect. He was the first to mention it.

As to why the production team chose to be so overt as they have, that’s simple. It would have been known from my internet traffic that I did not watch Sherlock until late 2016 after the series had been filmed and even then I watched two episodes from the first series with my family who were rather put off by Moriarty and did not really get into the series until I was in Russia in 2017. I don’t watch much if any modern BBC programs, in particular something I would have thought would be yet another interpretation of Sherlock and have a habit of watching what is known as “electronic theater”.  As a consequence it would have been felt that it would be OK to pass on that information which is rather amusing.

I wonder if there will be a fifth series. I do hope so. I did think that perhaps it might be a nice idea to contact the producers and pass on some ideas but then I am rather reticent to contact such people and break the fourth wall, it must be rather uncomfortable to have people contact you in this way and in any case they’ve already done as much by another channel. I suppose I should say thank you but then that might make them uncomfortable perhaps given what I have revealed.


3 Some stupidity

As regards the following,

Apparently you can fool people with the words this is a fake but only if
  1. It is written in the header of an email and you offer to show it to them
  2. It is the foreign office

As regards the following, I should like to make a small comment.

Given the above, the lack of apology and given what has occurred since, it is more than likely that harassment of the sort which I experienced is ongoing and it is obviously deeply inappropriate for them to be involved or to be associated with “improving” mental health or to publicize the fact that they are. This must be taken as an indication of the fact that they will claim you are mad if you complain about harassment.

It shows a complete lack of self-awareness and a sense of entitlement. They

  1. Have a sense of entitlement as shown by the fact that they do not confront issues of harassment and feel the right to talk about “mental health” which within the context of what occurred and what no doubt still occurs is arrogant.
  2. Are self-unaware because the unfortunate fact is that they are under the delusion that things are going to carry on as normal.

Unfortunately life is going to hit them like a brick right in the face.

As a result of events which have occurred since, events which members of the college are responsible for the United Kingdom looks very likely to leave the European Union with no deal. The end result of this and the economic effects of the coronavirus is that the college and indeed the university will be the subject of cutbacks to government budgets.

It is of course worth bearing in mind that they have money to spend upon new buildings during a period of financial difficulties for the rest of the country. That money should be deducted from whatever funds it received from the government.

It’s quite a thing isn’t it to go to such lengths on behalf of Michael Hauser Raspe, his father and Simon Baron Cohen with such consequences, not to learn from this and then to continue.

The phrase “My Kingdom for a horse” applies here.

The reasons why people voted for brexit was because of the attitudes on display at Cambridge. The problem is not “disinformation” or “Russian bot”s. The problem was and is Cambridge.