Media section

Articles about journalism

  1. A brief comment upon mailonline, the editor Martin Clarke of MI5, and his apparent concern for mental health
  2. How not to protect people by MI5
  3. Some comments upon Private eye, Piers Morgan and how he got sacked from the Mirror.
  4. A few comments about the British and independent Press.
  5. The intercept – An apt title for such a journal
  6. How British satire works or doesn’t
  7. How to use the royal family as a human shield by MI5
  8. Why using the services of MI5 might lead to buyers remorse
  9. Some Public Relations by an employee of MI5 on behalf of MI5
  10. How not to make fake claim of a Russian threat by MI5
  11. How not to make a fool of yourself by inventing claims of Russian fake news by MI6 (especially given that you invent fake news about the Russians yourself)
  12. How to make incorrect assumptions with regard to journalism
  13. The scientific method of leaking
  14. Private Eye
  15. Some conclusions about Martin Clarke, editor of Mailonline and Leveson Part 2
  16. How to get rid of the license fee

Articles about online Infiltration by JTRIG

  1. How not to run an autism chatroom on IRC (by QC or maybe JTRIG)
  2. An example of JTRIG at work on the wrong planet IRC chatroom?
  3. Lo Kam Tao Leo
  4. How not to run a chatroom by Chance Callahan
  5. How to show you hate innovation